Planet Pods

Out of this World Cleaning

Planet Pods - Cleaning Pod

Use 1x pod

1 pod can do the whole job! Place pod in rag for multi-purpose cleaning or drop into toilet bowl and scrub with brush.

Planet Pods - Drop

Activate with water

Wet pod to activate super cleaning fizz! Use a rag to clean surfaces and brush to clean bowls.

Planet Pods - Eco-refills

Refill with no packaging

Planet Pods eliminates the need for packaging, making cleaning without waste convenient and inexpensive.

Planet Pods | Mars & Earth Pods | Eucalyptus Scent

Pick your Scent

Mars Peppermint or Earth Eucalyptus? Tough choice, both smell so fresh it's out of this world.

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Emilie Scott- Founder of Planet Pods

Bleach or No Bleach?

Not all bleach is toxic- Hydrogen Peroxide is made up of Hydrogen and Oxygen, which safely degrades into the environment.

Choose Yours

Planet Pods

Choose Your Tools

Dissolve pod in a spray bottle, wet in a rag and scrub, or plop in a bowl and brush. All-purpose cleaning, however you want.

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